Zombie hoard

The Zombie hoard is a group of six or more aggressive zombies. The horde will appear on the map as red cones and text. They are more dangerous and will attack survivors when alerted by loud noises or failing a quick search. They can quickly overwhelm and outrun players. This makes them a serious threat. Here's how to spot a zombie horde and avoid being caught in one!

The horde is a challenging dungeon crawl, but the player's savvy can help him or her succeed. It can be fun to take on a challenge and win with the zombies. The game can be played with one or more players, and there are dozens of ways to play it. There's even a zombie dice-rolling system. The horde can move in any direction, and it can occupy any space within five feet of it.

The game's theme is inspired by a real-world civil war. The developers of the Zombie Horde were inspired by the reality of a world where people could live peacefully in a society free from pollution. The game's release in late 2021 has made it one of the most popular flash games online. It's free to download, and requires only an account at a casino to play it.

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