Archangels: salvation

The graphics of Archangels: Salvation slot game are stunning. You'll see a winged archangel on one side and a demon on the other. The symbols in this slot game include hoods, hearts, and skulls. Each symbol in this slot has its own special power. The game also has Hot Spot areas that award free credits. The bonus game is triggered when the player lands two wild symbols.

Unlike most of NetEnt's slot machines, Archangels: Salvation has six reels and 100 pay lines. This appears to be the first NetEnt slot with multiple active lines. You can choose your coin values per line from 0.01 to $1, and a single wager can be worth up to 100c. You can also adjust the number of paylines in the game. The visuals of this slot are divided into two halves: the Devil's area is at the bottom, while the Archangels' area is on top.

There are two different ways to play Archangels: the classic way is by using a single coin, or two coins for a single line. This is the best way to make a large amount of money quickly. You can choose a coin size from 0.01 to $1. In addition to this, you can specify the number of coins per line, ranging from five to one hundred cents. A high-stakes feature allows you to double your money!

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